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Hair Therapy System

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As we age our hair thins resulting in eventual hair loss and a reduction in the active growing cycle. Hair cells reproduce at a faster rate than any other cells in our body and are sensitive to changes in our diet, stress levels, health and living environment. These changes can shorten the lifecycle of the hair and the lack of new growth will make hair look increasingly thin. When hair goes through its full lifecycle, it looks full and thick. Healthy, deeply rooted hair comes from a scalp that is clean and free from debris. The build-up of sebum or products can block the hair follicles which prevent new hair from coming through the skin and maturing. The fruit extracts in the VitaliaMed Hair Therapy system are isolated from Sugar Cane, Lemon and Apple and offer natural exfoliation to help clear the follicles of excessive buildup of dead cells, and allow more room for thicker hair growth. VitaliaMed Hair Therapy addresses hair and scalp health at the cellular level to provide healthier, thicker, stronger, and younger hair!


Included in the system:

Hair Therapy Shampoo

Hair Therapy Conditioner